Mindscape Architects was established as a multidisciplinary design studio by Ar.M.M.Jose in 2002.

We are a team of Architects and designers specialized in architecture, interior and furniture design.

We always value and encourage inputs from our clients and try to embrace with our vision. A dedicated and principled approach to all aspects of design delivers buildings that consistently meet and exceed client expectations.

M.M.Jose is the founder and principal architect at Mindscape. A constant seeker of novel architectural ideas and concepts, Jose's works are underlined by his refined expressions and innovative visual language.

He is a fellow member of Indian Institute of Architects, Associate Member of Institute of Interior Designers and also a member of Council of Architecture. He has also received many prestigious awards such as Silver Leaf and Gold Leaf 2009 instituted by IIA in different categories, Gold Leaf IIA in 2011, Aces of Space 2011, National award by Architect & Interiors India, IIID Commendation 2013 at South Zone& National levels. His projects have also been nominated for ARCASIA awards.


We aspire to create spaces that enhance Human Experience.

A perfect ideation precedes every perfect creation. Therefore at Mindscape, the mind is the primary tool for work. We work and excel in the creation of better spaces and efficient design solutions which give rise to a place that facilitate activity and bring joy to the human spirit.

We believe a body of work can evolve only from a strong and constant process of conceptualization. Each project provides a new beginning and is the result of a systematic and meticulous design methodology. We acutely remain conscious of the nature of each site that we work on, which catalyses our design process and effectively states that architecture should be embedded in one's environment and should be site specific.

Our passion for art and architecture run deep in us and amplifies with every new project we finish. Hence, it's always a collaborative exploration. This is constantly supported by strong researches which ensure that the latest ideas in the profession are integrated in our work.

Our Approach to design is not limited to just concrete structures but we provide emphasize to stay close to nature and always seek to build a relationship between architecture and landscape. We play with light, materials and other design elements to create a vocabulary that raises a perfect flow of inside and outside spaces combining both light and shade. Our practice has, as a consequence, established new bench marks in this domain.

Working on these lines our designs are shaped to create an array of traditional, contemporary, sustainable and hybrid buildings that emphasize our story.